A bunch of old Packards in Iowa

A bunch of old Packards in Iowa
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This may look like a barnfind, but strictly speaking, it is not. Because most of these cars have been standing outside the barn. 

What we see here is a few of a total of 91 classic cars, being the Estate of John Francis Klapp, who passed away on May 17th 2017, 71 years old. Mr. Klapp owned an auto mechanic shop in North Dakota during the 1970’s. After he and his family moved to Iowa, he became a teacher of science. But his interest in cars remained and he started collecting antique automobiles.

During his years in Iowa, he collected at least 91 classic cars. They will be auctioned by Iowa Auction Group LLC on Friday, September 15.

The youngest car is a 1997 Chevrolet Suburban 1500, the oldest is a 1936 Dodge Bros Pickup. The collection has just about every car you would expect, from a whole bunch of Ford Crown Vic’s to some nice Chevrolet Corvairs.

But what we found really special is that there is also a bunch of Packards. Clearly, Mr. Klapp had a special interest in the Packard brand. And why wouldn’t he? Packard was a top of the line brand in the 1920’s and ‘30’s.

After WW2, Packard tried to get its position back, but just like so many other smaller car manufacturers in the USA and in Europe, it could not cope. The postwar world belonged to the big industries and small brands were wiped out.

Packard merged with Studebaker in 1954, but it was already too late. The car market belonged to the big three. Packard ceased to exist in 1957, as from that year on all Packards were, in fact, Studebakers with a Packard badge on it.

A year later, the name Packard disappeared altogether. In 1966, Studebaker built its last motorcar. The remains of the company were bought by Kaiser, in 1970 that was bought by American Motors (AMC).

In the Klapp-collection we see a nice overview of Packards postwar production. Starting with a 1947 Clipper Club Coupe and a whole bunch of ‘49 Packards, with even a 1949 Packard Super 8 Deluxe convertible.

Of special interest, of course, are the two 1949 Henney ambulances and the Henney Standard 8 limo.

Also, there are several 1952 and ‘54 Patricians, one of them even a 1956 Packard Clipper Constellation Custom.

All in all, there are twenty Packards on sale here, plus four different lots consisting of Packard parts, interior trim and chrome trim. So Packard fans are advised to head to Iowa on September 15.