A Ford Corsair auctionned in Denmark

A Ford Corsair auctionned in Denmark
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The Ford Corsair was Ford middle-class model in the 1960s in the UK. It was basically a stretched Cortina, equipped with a 1.500 cc straight-four. It was the successor of the Ford Consul 315, which itself looked like a crossbreed of a Ford Anglia 105E and a 1960 Lincoln Continental.

The Corsair was less outrageous than its predecessor, apart from the pointed front, which strongly resembles the Ford Thunderbird of 1962.

As of 1966, the Corsair was propelled by a V4 1.7-litre engine, which caused the official name to be Ford Corsair V4.

Not many Corsairs were sold in Europe, so it is remarkable when a car like this surfaces. This one is for sale in Denmark, at Campen Auktioner auction house. It’s a 1966 twodoor sedan with just 59.138 kilometres on the odometer. The odd white… ehm… thingie on the right front wing is to indicate that the car is towing a trailer. So yes, it has a towing hook.

This Corsair is part of an auction of specialkøretøjer, which is the Danish expression for special vehicles. The auction takes place online and it going on right now. At this moment the Ford Corsair still has 34 days to go, bidding has gone up now to DKR 32,000, which comes down to EUR 4,300.