A Ford Taunus from the first lady-owner

A Ford Taunus from the first lady-owner
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It still happens that cars turn up that have been with the first owner since more than 50 years ago. Or in this case, it has been with the same family, which is basically the same. This Ford Taunus 15M is now for sale in Germany.

The Ford Taunus 12M and 15M were the first really modern cars that Ford of Germany produced after World War 2.

Around 1950 most auto manufacturers introduced ponton-shaped cars: no longer did they have a narrow body with huge, bulky wings on the four corners. The ponton-shaped car looks as if all parts are blended into one. The car looks like a pontoon, a steel box on wheels.

The good thing about this body style is that it gave a lot more interior space and larger windows.

Ford pioneered in this ponton-shape in the USA with the Ford Custom of 1949. It’s curved, rounded shape was later translated to European models, like the Ford Consul of 1951 in the UK and the Ford Taunus 12M in Germany in 1952. This car had a globe in the front, in German: ‘weltkugel’.

So by that name, it lived on forever.

Forgotten in Tirol

This Ford Taunus Weltkugel is not a 12M but the more luxurious 15M. It was bought new in 1957 by a lady in Vienna. She drove the car until 1964 and then handed it to her daughter, who drove the car until 1978.

By that time, the car ended up in Tirol somewhere and people forgot about it. In 2013 it was discovered again. A restoration then started, that was completed this year.

The firm that is offering the car now, has performed the restoration and realizes that they will probably not get all their money back. Because they say the restoration took EUR 30,000 in parts and labor, and they ask for this car EUR 27,500.

So let’s say that it’s been a labor of love.