A hefty sum for a Porsche 911

A hefty sum for a Porsche 911
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Back in the old days, a Porsche 911 was not yet a monstrously huge car with big engines and turbos and loads of horsepower. No, the first generations of the 911 boasted a modest 1.991 cc flat-six engine, that would produce around 130 hp. And still, it was considered one of the best sportscars of that era.

One of those early 911’s is now for sale in Singapore. This 1967 911 S is painted white with a navyblue leather interior. The car is, of course, a right-hand drive model, according to the seller only about 100 of these 911 S-models had RHD.

According to the description, the car has competed in 1969 in a GP-race in Singapore. It is now for sale, at a price of SGD 488,000, which comes down to around USD 360,000 or a little over EUR 300,000.