A highlight at the Ferrari auction in Maranello

A highlight at the Ferrari auction in Maranello
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Every time when a classic Ferrari is auctioned by a top-of-the-bill auction house, the classic car world holds its breath. So when RM has a dedicated Ferrari sale, that is even a bigger thing. Now imagine that this Ferrari-sale is taking place at the Ferrari factory in Maranello, Italy?? Yes, that is truly a unique occasion and you can be sure that people will talk about it for years to come. It is even likely that the cars that are sold there, will for the rest of their lives have a remark in their log book: ‘Was sold at the 2017 Maranello auction for xxxx’.

Of course, the catalogue of the Leggenda e Passione-auction on Saturday 9 September mentions almost exclusively rare, special and remarkable Ferrari’s. RM Sotheby’s and Ferrari managed to put together a list of cars from every significant period of the history of the Cavallino Rampante.

From a 250 GT Cabriolet Series I by Pinin Farina from 1958 to a 1964 250 GT/L Berlinetta Lusso by Scaglietti, from a barnfind 1969 365 GTB/4 Daytona Berlinetta Alloy to a recently discovered 288 GTO from 1985.

La Ferrari Aperta

The oldest car is a 1950 Ferrari 195 Inter Coupé by Touring, the newest is a 2017 La Ferrari Aperta. Bargain of the day will be, according to the auctioneers estimates, the 1991 348 TS, that is estimated at EUR 125,0000 to 150,000. The most expensive car will not be the 1959 250 GT LWB California Spider by Scaglietti, that is estimated at 7.5 to 9.5 million euro, but the 1960 250 GT SWB Berlinetta Competizione by Scaglietti. RM estimates this car at 8.5 to 10 million euro.

In total 42 Ferrari’s will be on the stand on this memorable Saturday in Maranello. Some of them will be sold without reserve, some of them will not meet the reserve, some of them will surprise everybody.

Between all those unique and beautiful cars is one that deserves some extra attention. It’s the 250 GT Europa Coupé by Vignale. It is a special car, if only because it was one of just four cars of the second-series 250 Europa GT that were bodied by Vignale. And this coachbuilder was about done with Ferrari after that, only five more Ferrari’s got their bodywork from Vignale.


This car is considered to be typical Vignale coachwork. No sleek lines, but lots of curves, bends and folds, no simplicity but lots of complex chrome trim. It is a car that doesn’t really look like a sports car, it looks like a luxury towncoupé.

No surprise then, that this car was immediately in 1953 shipped to the USA where it was first shown at the World Motor Sports Show in New York. After that, it was sold to its first owner for USD 17,500. Over the years the car had several owners that all did different things to it. In 1960 it was sold to a Cadillac-dealer who – brace yourself, this is going to hurt – switched the original Lampredi V-12 with a supercharged Chevrolet V-8.

Fortunately, the car ended up in Switzerland in 2009, where Heinrich Kämpfer of Seengen started a full restoration. That also meant that the original engine was traced. When it turned out that the block could not be saved, Ferrari Classiche cast a new block for the car.

The current owner bought the car in 2015 but now already wants to sell it. The car is in the catalogue for an estimate of EUR 2,800,000 to 3,500,000.