A million dollar Lancia… and another one

A million dollar Lancia… and another one
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You don’t see many of these Lancia Aurelia Spider America’s. But this month, there are two of them to be sold at auction. Both are estimated at around 1 million euro.

It is the first time that the Italian auction house Aste Bolaffi in Milano has a sale of classic cars.

Until now they have been active selling stamps, coins, antiques and art. But on May 23 they enter the exciting field of classic cars.

And they enter it with a big bang! Because not only do they have part of the contents of Stile Bertone in their sale, but there is also a rare Lancia Aurelia B24S Spider America.


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These great cars are highly desired by collectors. In the past five years, some of these cars have been sold for almost, and even a little more than 2 million dollars.


The Spider America was built by Lancia in 1954 and 1955 after the American market requested an open-top version of the successful Aurelia.

In those days. Pininfarina built a four-seater convertible on the Aurelia B50 platform. That was shortened by 210 mm for Pininfarina to create this Spider America.

The car had some outstanding features, like the wraparound windshield, and the lack of handles on the doors and the boot. That way, the slick, smooth shape of the car was not interrupted.


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The car had the Aurelia 60 degree V6 engine of 2,451 cc, delivering 118 hp. This was the first V6 in a production car.

Thanks to the weight of only 1,100 kilograms, the car reached a top speed of 180 km/h.

It also featured a transaxle configuration, with the gearbox mounted at the rear axle, providing a better weight distribution.

Only 240 of this car were built, in 1956 the B24 Convertible was introduced, a modified version of the Spider with a less spectacular body shape and a straight windscreen.

The Spider America’s have always been sought after by collectors, which is why they have always been expensive cars.

Two million dollars

Over the past 5 years, about a dozen Spider America’s have been sold in auctions around the world.


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Most of them were sold for more than 1 million US dollars, one even went for 2 million (including buyer commission) at Gooding & Co’s Pebble Beach sale in 2016.

Right now there are two available in auctions.


Foto’s Aste Bolaffi and RM Sotheby’s

One – the red one – is being sold in Milano, Italy, by Aste Bolaffi on May 23.

The blue one is to be sold this weekend, on May 12 by RM Sotheby’s in their Monaco sale.

Both these cars are estimated at around 1 million Euro.

With the two auctions ahead of us, the question is not if the cars will break through the 1 million Euro-limit, but which one will make the most money.

In a few weeks, we will know.

Update Sunday May 13: the blue Lancia didn’t sell yesterday at R Sotheby’s auction in Monaco.