A monument for the 1980’s

A monument for the 1980’s

The Porscche Strosek 928 makes you wonder about the meaning of the word ‘classic’. The word ‘timeless’ gets pretty close. After all, a classic car is appreciated at all times: both when it was new, and when it is old.

The Porsche 928 is such a car, for instance.

It was revolutionary at its introduction in 1977. Not only because it was a Porsche with the engine at the wrong side of the car, but also because of its slick, curvy shape.

That is why the 928 is being appreciated now, 40 years after its introduction.

But what tuning company Strosek did to it, is not classic at all.

The company of Vittorio Strosek made all sorts of adaptions for Porsches.

This one here is named Porsche 928 Strosek Version 3.

And it has all the goodies that we thought were beautiful in 1980.

Like extended wheel arches, and Testarossa-like edges on the side. And a huge spoiler on the back.

The big wheels at the back give the car a stance like a racing car, but they disturb the original, beautiful balance of the 928-design.

The BBS wheels are also classics of their own kind, these wheels would look great on a BMW 3- or 5-series of the 1980’s. But somehow they don’t look good on this Porsche Strosek.

Double-breasted jackets

But if we look at it differently, we see a time machine.

This is what people appreciated in the 1980’s.

Those were the days of double-breasted jackets for gentlemen, of broad-shouldered dresses for ladies and for long hair in the neck for both.

Somehow we all wanted to look like Mad Max and it was the heyday for optic tuning because we all wanted our car to look like Knightrider, or like the fake-Ferrari of Miami Vice.

That is what this Strosek-Porsche reminds us of.

It is a monument of the 1980’s.

And this specific monument here seems to be in good nick. The Porsche was built in 1980, the conversion by Strosek was done in 1984 and since then it has always been maintained by the same German Porsche specialist.

In 2013, a 310 hp engine of a 928S was mounted, and in 2014 the car got a EUR 20,000 respray. Then in 2016, the car got its H-registration number, meaning that it got its official registration as a classic car.

Now the car is for sale, it is being offered on a new auction-website called Bidaclassics.de. The price of this Porsche Strosek 928 is estimated at EUR 30,000.




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  • As an owner of multiple Porsches, I have to say that I have a sweet spot for the 928, especially the Strosek models. I actually think that the car which you’ve featured is a true reminder of ‘all things 80s’. The demand (and values) for 928s is rocketing around the world, and for special models (such as the 928 GT, 928 GTS, and all 928 Stroseks) is notably significant. This particular car looks well-maintained, and I think it’ll be a great addition to somebody’s collection.

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