A rare Mercedes-Benz stationwagon

A rare Mercedes-Benz stationwagon
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We found this classic Mercedes-Benz stationwagon in Indonesia. Clearly, this 180 Diesel from 1959 has seen better days. But on the other hand, it’s still with us. And that is a good thing, as this is a rare stationwagon-version of the famous 1950’s pontoonmodel of Mercedes. Stationwagons, or kombi’s as they were often called in Germany, were not provided by Mercedes-Benz. In fact, it took the factory until 1978 before they came up with a stationwagon of their own design. Until then, if you wanted a Mercedes-stationwagon, you had to buy one from a coachbuilder. In Germany, companies like Binz or Miesen built stationwagons on the middleclass Mercedes-models (W120, W110, W114/115) in the 1950’s and ‘60’s.
This W120 Mercedes-Benz 180 diesel is one of those conversions. Judging by the rectangular shape of the third sidewindow, it seems probable that the bodywork is done by Miesen, who were based in the German city of Bonn. Just like Binz, Miesen is mostly known for their ambulance cars that they have built for many decades. In fact, Miesen is still active and still building ambulances.


This red car looks to be complete. The sticker of the Soerabaja Mercedes-Benz Club shows that it has been pampered as a classic car. The wirespoke wheels are clearly not original, but the indicatorlights on top of the front wings are. The car is on sale in Sidoarjo, Eastern-Java.