A real Spanish beauty

A real Spanish beauty
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There are not many Pegaso sportscars around, but we found this one in… Spain. 

And then suddenly, on a website that is up to its ears in straightforward used cars, you find this Spanish beauty. This Pegaso Z103 is from 1955. Its aluminum body was built by Touring, the famous coachbuilder from Milan, that built most of the 1950’s Pegaso sportscars. In 1970 this car was fully restored, but it looks as if it was done yesterday.

The Spanish Pegaso factory produced trucks and busses, but from 1951 to 1958 they also produced luxury sportscars, that was powered by a 2.8-liter eight cylinder engine.

An auto dealer in Madrid is offering the car, bids are probably welcome, but the price in the ad is set at EUR 930,000.