A Rolls-Royce Beetle and a Fiat surprise

A Rolls-Royce Beetle and a Fiat surprise
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On the Italian website Kijiri we found this rather special Volkswagen 1303 convertible. The Beetle, or Maggiolino as it is called in Italian, is a car that is often used for creative outbursts. People have built all sorts of weird cars on Beetle chassis. This here is one of them, the car has received a Rolls-Royce treatment.

That was not unusual in the 1970’s and ‘80’s and there is a good chance that the parts were available as a kit.

This Beetle has the big, square shaped hood – or actually, it is a boot – with a huge fake Rolls-Royce radiator grille on it. The front fenders are square-shaped too, with the double round headlights as we know them from the RR Silver Shadow. The back fenders have been lengthened, but the picture doesn’t reveal the actual shape of the car’s backside. All in all, it is a pretty fun car, though the grayish white color makes it look a bit boring.

But this picture isn’t boring at all. Look again, closer now. Look in the upper right corner.

Foto: Kijiri

That does look like a Fiat Topolino, right? But it’s not a normal one. Fortunately, it is no coincidence that it’s in the picture with the RR-Beetle, since both cars belong to the same owner. The Topolino is also for sale, look here: 

Foto: Kijiri

The seller doesn’t use many words though, he/she describes the car simply as a 1949 classic car Fiat Topolino. But the car has a remarkable roof, that looks as if it was turned into a four-seater, as it seems there would be room for a very tiny back seat there.

It looks like the roof has been lengthened by putting the rear window further backward. Also, the rear window is standing straight up, where on a normal Topolino C it would be sloping. Could this be a Fiat Topolino 2+2? But who built it? Is it a one-off or have there been more of these? Looks like 


Foto: Wheretorome.it


Oh, and by the way, we found another example of the RR-Beetle. This one you can rent for your wedding at just EUR 350 per 2 hours.