A strange museum in Barcelona sells out

A strange museum in Barcelona sells out
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Auction house Stanislas Machoïr will be having a sale of an entire Spanish motor museum on May 16. The museum is the Retro Auto Moto Museum (RAMM) in Barcelona. And the collection consists of a wide variety of Western European and Eastern European vehicles.

The Retro Auto Moto Museo is located in the centre of Barcelona, in the Barrio Sant Pere – Santa Caterina i la Ribera, near the Palau de la Música Catalana. It’s not a big museum, there are less than a hundred vehicles, both cars and motorcycles. The museum is not old, it was founded in 2017 by the Russian collector Vladimir Spiridonov.
The Russian background of its founder would explain the large number of cars and motorcycles from the former communist countries. But there are also French, German and British cars in the collection, with brands like Le Zebre, Benjamin, Lea-Francis, Adler, Hotchkiss and La Licorne.

Two museums
Some highlights of the collection are a German Ertle car from 1897, a 1933 BSA threewheeler, a 1951 Hotchkiss Anjou. Among the motorcycles, we find a 1914 James Modelo 8, a 1928 Motobécane and a 1929 Gnome et Rhone.
It is not clear what is the theme of the museum, except that all vehicles are brands that no longer exist. It turns out that the Russian collector owns not one, but two museums!. The other is located in the city of Chelyabinsk in Russia. And in this museum, there are mostly cars from… Spain! This Retro Car Museum was founded around 2016 and the cars in its collection have been acquired in Spain, as the Spanish digital magazine La Escuderia discovered.

We could not find the reason why the museum in Barcelona is being sold, according to the museum’s website it is still open for visitors. Also, it is not clear if the museum of the same owner in Chelyabinsk is open or closed now. So far the auction house has not yet published a catalogue of the auction.