Amilcar Pegase spent decades in dry storage

Amilcar Pegase spent decades in dry storage
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The French Amilcar-factory was best known for its racing cars during the 1920’s, in the first years of its existence. In the 1930’s the firm started struggling. The Pégase was an attempt in 1934 to produce a medium sized car. The 2.2-liter four cylinder engine was from Delahaye, later a stronger 2.5-liter engine was on offer, designed by Amilcar’s technician Grillot.

As Amilcar had no facilities to produce steel bodies for its cars, the Pégase was initially offered in as much as eleven body styles, each of which would be produced by external carrossiers. But in August 1934 the Amilcar-factory in Sain-Denis, on the northern edge of Paris, had to close and the business moved to a smaller location. The choice of body types was narrowed down to just four.

Business didn’t improve though, and in 1937 Amilcar was taken over by Hotchkiss. That immediately meant the end of the Pégase. In just three years around 200 Pégases had been made.

That explains why they are quite rare. Which makes this barnfind all the more interesting. This rusty car is a 1935 Amilcar Pégase Aero coupé, which has been in dry storage since the 1970’s. It is on offer in England and there is a good chance that it spent most of its life there. On the other hand, it is also possible that it came to the UK in the seventies. After all, in those days the French countryside was teeming with classic cars that nobody was interested in, and the English were among the first Europeans to have a serious interest in classic cars.



The body of the car looks to be complete, clearly, there have been early restorations done to it. The interior is missing some parts, like the meters in the dashboard.

One thing is for sure, this is a pretty unique car. The 1920’s Amilcar racers have turned to be sought after by collectors, so this luxury coupé might be an interesting asset to any collection. Needless to say that it will require a substantial investment of time and money to make it a gem in your garage.