Bonhams sells collection of Dutch Ford Museum

Bonhams sells collection of Dutch Ford Museum
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The Ford Museum in Hillegom, the Netherlands, has a collection of more than 200 Ford cars, most of them from before 1940. Two years ago the museum closed its doors, now Bonhams will sell the entire collection out. The auction is set for June 23, 2018.

It is the second auto museum in the Netherlands to sell out within a year. Last year the entire collection of the De Rijke Museum was sold at auction. Now it is the Den Hartogh Ford Museum in Hillegom, Netherlands, that has to sell out.

The Ford-collection here is said to be the largest Ford collection in the world. On June 23 auction house Bonhams will do the sale of hundreds of classic Fords.


The Den Hartogh Ford Museum has been struggling for quite some time. The museum was founded around twenty years ago by Piet den Hartogh, owner of a large transport company and an avid collector of classic cars.


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After Piet den Hartogh died in 2010, the family continued the exploitation of the museum. In 2014 around 50 cars were sold in the auction, in an attempt to raise money to modernize the museum. But by the end of 2016, the museum was closed.

T’s and A’s

Now Bonhams is planning an auction in Hillegom. The collection of the museum consists of around 200 Ford automobiles. Among them are quite some model T’s and Model A’s, in many different versions and from different parts of the world.

There is, for instance, an icecream van, there’s one of Al Capone’s cars, a firebrigade truck and there are also several Lincolns. Apart from the cars the museum also holds a few dozen motorcycles and of course, there is a collection of model cars.

Apart from cars the museum also holds some barrel organs and automobilia.




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