Cadillac Caribou at Kissimmee

Cadillac Caribou at Kissimmee
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The thing with a luxury brand like Cadillac is that they don’t build practical cars, like stationwagons or pickups. But fortunately, there are coachbuilders that will serve this demand. This 1974 Cadillac Caribou is part of the big Mecum Kissimmee auction next month.

In the seventies and eighties, there were two American companies offering pickups and stationwagons based on Cadillacs. One was Traditional Coach Works of Chatsworth, California and the other was Caribou Motor Corporation of Rosemead, California. Read more about them on this Hemmings-page.

It’s Caribou that built this nice blue pickup on Cadillac Fleetwood basis. Apart from the pickup conversion, it also has a very remarkable T-bar roof. And also the interior does not look like it’s from a 1974 Caddie, it looks to be much younger.

Nevertheless, it is a very special car and a very good looking. And by the way: the lettering has already been removed…