Can this Mazda still be saved?

Can this Mazda still be saved?
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The black color of this 1967 Mazda Cosmo makes the pictures even more dramatic. Literally, everything on this car is corroded, damaged or at least dirty.

The wonderful rotary engine is gone, the driveshaft is laying on the driver’s seat and the car has serious damage to the rear right wing.

This car can be yours if you dare take on the challenge to restore it. Just make a bid.

Ford engine

The Mazda Cosmo of 1967 is the first Mazda, and in fact the first Japanese car, that has a rotary engine.

Apparently, they came to the UK as well. There was one on the Earls Court Motor Show of 1967 at least. This one is also from 1967. It is on eBay, offered as a barn find, though strictly speaking it is not. The present owner is a rotary-engine collector and he bought this car in 1989.

The previous owner had, at one time, bought the car from GKN, a British company that supplies all sorts of drivetrain-parts for the auto-industry.

At that time the rotary engine of this car was not present, the car had no engine.
So the previous owner fitted – you’re not going to believe this – a 1600 Ford engine to the car. Apparently, the car was at that time used for track events.

When the present owner bought this car in 1989, it had again no engine, he had a Mazda RX3-engine that he wanted to put in, but never found the time to do it.

Anyway, now this sorry looking car is for sale. Seller is hoping that someone will take up the restoration of this car. The car was originally white, as most Cosmo’s were. And there are no extra parts included in the sale, what you see is what you get.