Classic car dealer closes after conflict with tax office

Classic car dealer closes after conflict with tax office
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After a conflict with the Australian Taxation Office, Gosford Classic Cars is closing its doors. The company started in 2016 as a museum but was planning to develop into a classic car centre for the Central Coast.

Gosford Classic Cars are based in West Gosford in New South Wales, Australia and employ 40 people. The plan was to make it into a larger business centre with room for all sorts of auto-related businesses. This way, more than 200 jobs where to be created here, says Gosford Classic Cars in a statement on its website. But from the start in 2016 there were conflicts with the ATO, and Gosford Classic Cars had to implement several measures that the ATO suggested. According to Gosford Classic Cars, this caused the company to lose sales, which dropped from 59 cars a month to just 5 a month.



More than 150 cars
The sad effect of all this is that Gosford Classic Cars saw no other alternative than to close its doors and sell out. The collection of around 150 classic cars is to be sold in a no-reserve auction on Sunday, April 7 by the Australian auction house Lloyds.


The cars in the Gosford collection have been sourced not only in Australia but also in Western and Eastern Europe, in the USA and in Japan. From that country comes a 1969 Mazda Rotary Luce, for instance. This Giugiaro-designed coupé wit hits rotary-engine is one of only 976 built. From Eastern Europe and Russia, the collection holds quite a few cars, from modest Skoda’s to a gigantic Cajka limousine.