A classic Toyota from the pre-Lexus era

A classic Toyota from the pre-Lexus era
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The Soarer is a really classic Toyota, it’s a 2+2 coupé that is the predecessor of the Lexus SC coupé. In fact, it was built before Toyota had invented Lexus.

The box-shaped Toyota Soarer was available in Japan, the USA and the Asian market and was never on sale in Europe. For Toyota-enthusiasts, that makes these cars extra desirable. 

Soarers are luxury GT’s, meaning that they’re more luxurious than sporty. 

Toyota for collectors

This one here is the Z20 model that was introduced in 1986.

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It is based on the platform of the Toyota Supra of that era.

The emblem in the front grille is a gryphon and it’s only used on Soarers.

Foto’s: eBay

Buy this Soarer

You can find this right-hand drive car on eBay. 

The guy who owns it apparently traded it in on a Honda Prelude. 

It’s in the state of Georgia, USA, the seller wants USD 6,999 for it.