Completely original, this 1924 Fiat in Argentina

Completely original, this 1924 Fiat in Argentina
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We don’t really know what is more appealing, the sharply designed front of this 1924 Fiat 509, or the worn-down, tired-looking but original condition that this car is in.

Fiat built the 509 from 1924 to 1929. It was a small family car, driven by a 22 hp 990 cc four cylinder engine with an overhead camshaft. There were bodies of all sorts, from four-door taxies to two-seater coupes. This one is a two-seater convertible, but it has a Dickey-seat in the back, also known as the mother-in-law seat.

Just to put things in perspective: when Fiat came up with this car, the Ford Model T was almost at the end of its production (1926) and was considered an oldfashioned car. But the Ford was built more than 15 million times. This 509 was the first Fiat to be mass-produced and more than 90.000 were built.

At least one of those 90.000 ended up in Argentina, because that is where this charming convertible is on sale now. The information in the advertisement says that the car is completely in its original condition. And it really does look like that.