Has anybody seen Mr. Hulot around?

Has anybody seen Mr. Hulot around?
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The place is completely different and the actual car does look completely different too, but doesn’t this contraption remind you of Jaques Tati’s famous film Les Vacances de Mr. Hulot? This anachronism on wheels can be found in the luscious surroundings of Villa Devoto, the famous ‘garden city’ quarter at Buenos Aires, Argentina. The body of this car seems to have been built in the 1950’s or sixties, judging by the shape of it.


The car is advertised on Mercado Libre. There’s not much explanation about how it got to be what it is, except that it’s a 1919 Model T Ford. It seems that the engine has been overhauled, on the other hand, the car lacks some essential body parts, like a floor… Nevertheless, this is a unique car and somewhere in the world, there must be a T-Ford enthusiast that will cherish this little gem.
The price advertised is ARS 90.000, the equivalent of USD 5,108.76 or EUR 4,303.65.

Fotos: Mercado Libre