Eureka, it’s a hearse!!

Eureka, it’s a hearse!!
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Built in 1956, this Cadillac hearse, built by Eureka of Indiana, has had only three owners. And most of the time the car has been in storage. Now it’s been restored and up for sale.

OK, now in my view, the name Eureka is a bit misplaced on a car that is meant to transport dead people. And on the other hand, it is somewhat funny that the pictures of this hearse, that is supposed to drive at a respectful slow speed, are taken in front of a place called Museum of Speed.

But apart from these concerns, I think that this 1956 Cadillac Eureka Landau Funeral Coach is a gorgeous car.

The name Eureka comes from the coachbuilder, a company in Rock Falls, Indiana (USA) that specialised in hearses and ambulances.

This specific model is top of the line, as it is a so-called ‘sideloader’, which means that the coffin can be loaded through the back door, but also through the side doors on both sides.

At USD 70.000 the price is a bit steep, but as mentioned, this threeway sideloader is a rare care. The seller is in the Orlando-regio in Florida (USA).

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