Fiat Dino was in hiding for 35 years

Fiat Dino was in hiding for 35 years
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The essential thing about a barnfind is that it’s an object that has been forgotten for a long period of time.

Take this Fiat Dino for instance. It has been stored in a warehouse for 35 years.

To demonstrate this, the seller has very wisely decided not to clean the car. The thick layer of dust does indeed indicate that the car not only has been stored for a long time, but that it has also been not maintained.

It is a very pretty Dino indeed. It was delivered new in the region of Hamburg, Germany, in 1969.

In 1982 it was put in storage, so it has on the road for only 13 years, the odometer shows only 58,400 kilometers.

The original documentation is with the car and the interior looks like it only needs a bit of cleaning. The same goes for the bodywork, which seems to be immaculate under the dust.

The car is for sale in the German town of Oberhonnefeld, the seller is asking EUR 32,900.