Get yourself a real Ferrari toolkit

Get yourself a real Ferrari toolkit
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It is old, it is battered and maybe one or two bits are missing. But this is your chance to own a piece of Ferrari history. 

Mind you, it is not exactly brand new. Not even ‘as good as new’. It is about 60 years old. Clearly, it has been used several times. And let’s be grateful for that, because it may have helped to keep some Ferrari 250 alive.

This toolkit is the original one for all Ferrari 250 models.
As it has been used intensively, chances are that there are one or two parts missing.

But the majority of tools is there.

The leather bag holds 4 wood handled screwdrivers, 6 Beta wrenches and a grease gun with extender. There’s also a jack, of course, that looks definitely used.

And there are two hammers, for if you need to bang on your Ferrari.



This toolkit is part of the RM Sotheby’s sale at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco. There will be about 120 lots to be sold there, none of them, however, will look as battered as this toolkit.

But still, RM Sotheby’s estimates the value of this toolkit at EUR 8.000 to 12.000. This is not the only one, in that same auction is a similar toolkit from a Ferrari 275.