Here’s Lotus Esprit number 30

Here’s Lotus Esprit number 30
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You may think: where have I seen this car before? That could be in several places. For instance, you may have seen it at the NEC Classic Motorshow in Birmingham in the UK, last november, when this car was exhibited on the Restoration Show there. Or you may have seen it in Practical Classics magazine last spring, that did a feature article on this car. 

Or maybe it’s just that you saw this car on the famous James Bond-movie ‘The spy who loved me’. Of course, the car in that movie wasn’t precisely this Lotus, but it was very close. Because this 1976 Lotus Esprit was the 30th Esprit ever built, and it was built just 7 cars later then the one used by Roger Moore in the movie.


So it has exactly the same, original, white color, the same chrome Wolfrace wheels and even the same pod wing mirror, centre ashtray and green tonneau cover. Those details matter, because they can only be found on Esprits that were built in the very early beginnings of this model.

The present owner bought this car ten years ago when it was in a sorry state. He restored it in his garage at home, with a tremendous attention to detail. The result is a car that is unique because of its age and also because of the quality of the restoration.

Apparently the owner enjoys restoring more then driving the car, as he is offering it for sale now. Mind you, it doesn’t come cheap, if you want to buy it, you will have to offer more then GBP 100,000.