Here’s your chance to own a postwar Salmson

Here’s your chance to own a postwar Salmson
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So you want to own a postwar Salmson four-door sedan? You might expect that it would be difficult to find one, but guess what? There are two of them for sale right now!

The Salmson G72 Randonnee was produced from 1950 to 1954. Not many of them were built though, rumour has it that only 500 of these cars were produced. It was a comfortable four-door sedan, propelled by an alloy four cylinder engine with two camshafts. The engine measured 2,218 cc and that was a problem because shortly after WWII the French government introduced a tax system that was based on the size of the engine of cars. The bigger the engine, the higher the tax that you paid.
The Salmson Randonnee was therefore too expensive for most customers. In 1954, the factory planned a smaller car, but it was too late. They ran out of money and the proud Salmson brand disappeared from the market.



Aeroplane engines
Salmson produced compressors and pumps in the late 19th century in France. In the 20th century, the business turned to building engines for aeroplanes and later for automobiles too. After WWI the company started building both aeroplanes and automobiles, and it turned into one of the many luxury car brands in France.
Like so many luxury brands, Salmson could not survive in the changing world after Worldwar II. They managed to hold on until 1957 though, but then they disappeared into oblivion. It is said that in the 1960s, Salmson returned to building machinery like pumps again.


Foto’s Stanislas Machoïr and

Two Salmsons G72 Randonnee are now for sale in France. Or to be precise, one is for sale and being offered on, the other one is part of a sale by auction house Stanislas Machoïr on April 21, 2019.

The car on is a blue 1952 car, equipped with a folding roof and Cotal electromagnetic gearbox, sort of a preselector. The engine is an alloy four cylinder of 2.218 cc, with two camshafts. This car has been fully restored, it is now being offered at EUR 39,500.

The other car is part of an auction in France. This car is from 1951 and has a pretty amazing history, as it has been with the same owner for 67 years! The car is said to be in original condition, a respray is recommended though. This car is estimated by the auctioneer at EUR 12,000 to 15,000.