Holden Statesman: Luxury in down-under style

Holden Statesman: Luxury in down-under style
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It really is a shame that GM Holden has ceased production. Look at this 1984 Statesman, it’s a great looking car. Aussie luxury at its best.

A lot of things about this car are remarkable. For instance the fact that it’s a one owner car. That’s right, it has not changed hands since it was delivered new in 1984.

The owner has really used it though, driving it for more than 250,000 kilometres.

And there is some wear and tear to be found, both on the outside and in the interior.


But nonetheless, this 1984 Holden WB Statesman Deville Sedan is a beautiful car.

The Statesman was the flagship-model for Holden during the 1970’s.

It was a luxury sedan, based on the stretched chassis of the Holden HQ station wagon.

From 1971, four different Statesman-series were produced (HQ, HJ, HX, HZ) until this WB-series was introduced in 1980.


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The funny thing with Australian car styling is that it somehow combines European and American style.

Australian cars often have European size and in some cases, they actually use European models by either Ford or General Motors.

But they use American styling details and they also share the American taste for big six- and eight-cylinder engines.

So this Statesman Deville is just gorgeous. It has a bit of the cubic design that was popular in the early 1980’s in Europe (Volvo 760, Citroën BX), but some parts also resemble old Opel-models.

The shape and angle of the windscreen, for instance, reminds us of the Opel Admiral that was GM’s flagship in Germany during the 1970’s.

Very American is also the bling-bling on this car.


Fotos Shannons

There is chrome just everywhere, and the alloy wheels also look very stylish.

But together with the metallic blue paint job, this makes the car look very classy and exclusive.


It really is a shame that great Australian cars like this only rarely make it to other countries, because they really are worth collecting.

But that probably has something to do with the steering wheel being on the wrong side of the car …

You can find this Statesman at the Melbourne Autumn Classic Auction of auction house Shannons, on Monday, April 30. The car is estimated at AUD 14,000 to 18,000 and sold no reserve.




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