End of the road: Hudson Museum sells collection

End of the road: Hudson Museum sells collection
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The Hudson Museum in Shipshewana (USA) is not big but has a fine collection of cars. It is now closing and will be liquidated in August.

There was a time when the USA counted many more automobile factories then just GM, Ford and Chrysler.

One of the smaller brands was Hudson. It was founded in 1919 and has known several years of success. In the 1929 Hudson was the third largest automobile factory in the USA, producing 300,000 cars in one year.

Hudson also created sub-brands like Essex and Terraplane. All three brands were not only famous in the USA but were also exported and at a time even produced in Europe.

After World War 2 Hudson created the famous ‘step-down’ body, providing a lower and safer body.
In 1955 Hudson merged with Nash, thus starting the American Motors Corporation.


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Over the years there have always been people collecting Hudson automobiles and all connected brands: Essex, Terraplane, Railton, Dover.
Mr Eldon Hostetler was one of them.

He was a businessman who designed and built farm equipment. He was also passionate about the Hudson automobiles and started collecting and restoring them in the 1970’s.

Start in 2005

In 2005 he donated his collection, plus the necessary funds, land and a building to the town of Shipshewana, Indiana, to start the Hostetler’s Hudson Auto Museum.

The collection of around 60 vehicles now encompasses the very first and the last Hudson models ever built, the first being a 1909 Model 20, the last a 1956 Hudson Hornet.


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Highlights in the collection are for instance a one-off 1928 Murphy bodied Town Car and a 1951 Hornet Convertible. And of course, there are several racing cars in the collection as well.

In 2016 Mr Hostetler died at the age of 93.
Because the museum was struggling to make ends meet, the Museum Board decided in January 2018 to close and liquidate the museum.

Auction house Worldwide Auctioneers has been selected to take care of the sale.

The auction of the entire museum collection will take place on August 4, 2018, in the museum in Shipshewana. It is believed that the collection is worth over 4 million US dollar.

It is not the first museum to close and sell out, last year we saw a private museum in the Netherlands close and in June the collection of the Dutch Ford Museum will be sold.