Huge collection of Pontiac GTO projects and parts

Huge collection of Pontiac GTO projects and parts
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In 2009, the Pontiac brand was ended. General Motors did not want to continue the brand and pulled the plug. Since then, motorheads all over the world have developed a special interest in GM’s most sporty brand. Especially the GTO’s from the 1960’s and ‘70’s are sought after by collectors.

If you are one of them, then you don’t want to miss this auction on September 30th in Hutchinson, Minnesota (USA). The entire collection consists of Pontiac GTO cars and parts. There are 15 cars, some of them are the rare Judges, others ar GTO’s and there are two LeMans coupes also.

All the cars are to be considered projects because none of them looks to be complete. The good thing is that there are also 12 twenty foot containers loaded with all sorts of parts for Pontiac GTO’s.

So basically, what you can do here is buy yourself a kit car. You can go home with almost all the parts you need to build yourself a nice Pontiac GTO. And in the process, you will be saving one of these projects for posterity.