Huh? It’s an Alfa Romeo? And a van? And… spanish??

Huh? It’s an Alfa Romeo? And a van? And… spanish??
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Yes, yes and yes. This is quite a find. A fully original, Spanish built Alfa Romeo van from 1960.

Fadisa was a company in Spain that manufactured the Alfa Romeo vans under license in the 1960’s.

Production started in 1959, the first Fadisa/Alfa Romeo van had a two-stroke diesel-engine, but later on a Perkins engine was mounted.

The Spanish Alfa Romeo van was in production until 1967 and was even exported to Colombia.


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In 1965 the van was updated, the new model looked more modern.

The Fadisa factory in Avila produced several different versions of the van, like pickups, delivery vans and minibuses.

In 1967 the company was taken over by Ebro, that itself had emerged from an old Spanish Ford factory.
After the take-over, the name Alfa Romeo disappeared from the vans and they were called Ebro.

Original Fadisa

What we have here is an early version of the Fadisa van, it dates from March 1960.

In itself, it is remarkable that such a van is still in existence, but on top of that, this one is in completely original condition.

This car is equipped with an Alfa Romeo diesel engine, that would imply that it’s the two-stroke engine.
But it also has a compressor.


Foto’s Catawiki

We have no idea if that compressor came from the Fadisa factory or if it was fitted later on in the car’s life.

Interested? This unique delivery van is for sale on the Catawiki online auction. The auctioneers there have estimated the value of this van at EUR 15,400 to 17,000.

The auction ends on May 17, 2018.