Is this modified DKW worth more or less?

Is this modified DKW worth more or less?
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During restoration ten years ago, this DKW 3=6 was modified from a two-door sedan to a coupé. Question: is it modification making it worth more or less now?

The German DKW’s were famous for their two-stroke three cylinder engines (rrrengdedengdengdeng!) but also for their flamboyant looks.

Their 1950’s model was named 3=6, to emphasize the idea that their three cylinder engine would drive like a four-stroke six cylinder.

It’s sweeping, curved lines were already out of date at the moment of its introduction at Frankfurt Motor Show in 1953, but then, it was based on its predecessor, the DKW Meisterklasse of 1950.

The DKW got famous for its powerful engine and sporty handling and became very popular in several European countries.

One of those was Sweden, where this 3=6 was sold new in 1957.

The first owner kept it until 1987 and then sold it, owner number 2 kept it for another 19 years.

Then in 2006 the third owner got the car and started a full blown restoration.

The car was stripped down to the bare metal and during this restoration, it was decided to change the roof into a coupé-shape.

Come again?

During this restoration, it was decided to change the roof into a coupé-shape.



Yes, the coupé that you see here is not original in any way. It may look as if some coachbuilder back in 1957 got his hands on the pretty DKW, but that is not the case. This shape was modelled in 2006.

The two door sedan-look was changed into a coupé. So this thoroughly restored car is not original, it’s a restomod, a custom car.

The description of the seller tells us that the car is in excellent condition.

There are photographs of the modification of the roof, the chrome looks great and the engine is in a very fine condition.

The very bright blue paint is probably not an original color, but it does look nice.

All in all, this is a one-of-a-kind DKW. Seller – in the Netherlands – is asking EUR 27,500 for the car.

Of course, the question is if the modification of the roof will be valued higher or lower then a normal DKW.
The asking price is pretty high, it would be even for a normal DKW 3=6. We will see if the market will accept this car.