Just a plain old Opel Kadett

Just a plain old Opel Kadett
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There was a time when this was all you needed: some space for 4 people, a simple 50 hp engine, a gear lever of a meter long and a roof over your head.

That is exactly what the Opel Kadett B offered in the late 1960’s and early ‘70’s.
And nothing more.

If you bought the standard version of the Kadett, you got hardly any goodies.

The inside doors were hardly upholstered, you were looking at painted steel all around you.

An armrest on the backseat wasn’t there.

Rear window heating? Nope.

Adjustable seatbacks? Forget it.

A bit of carpet on the floor? No way.

Oilpressure gauge? Naahh…

Some extra chrome perhaps on the exterior…..? Euh… no.

Engines that purred

At the same time, accessories like this became available with the Japanese brands that were storming the European market in those days, like Datsun, Honda, Isuzu, Toyota.

They had little Japanese engines that purred like kittens in a basket and delivered much more output than the engines of the European carmakers, that sounded like coffee grinders and were much slower.

But it took the Japanese quite some time to get established in Europe.

For a long time, the Opel Kadett and Volkswagen Beetle were the best selling cars in many European countries and sold by the millions.

Just two owners

This is one of them. Just another off-the-shelve Opel Kadett, from 1970. But it is special nevertheless because it has had only two owners.

And the odometer shows only 29,026 kilometres.

Well, maybe there should be a 1 in front of it, but even then it is not much.

The Ferrari-red colour is bright, but mind you, it is a standard colour of this model.



The car is being offered by a garage in Westervoort, the Netherlands. There is not much info, but the pictures do speak for themselves. The price is set at EUR 6,940.