Lancia Prisma: the young executive’s pride and joy

Lancia Prisma: the young executive’s pride and joy
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This Lancia Prisma might be something to consider. It is on offer in Roma, Italy and looks to be in remarkable condition. The mere fact that it is still in existence is a bit of a miracle already. The car dates back to 1985, has a 1.600 cc engine that runs on LPG and had just one owner, who always parked the car in his garage. The right front side may look a bit tatty because of the misfit hubcap, but according to the owner, the bodywork is almost perfect, with just some scratches on it.

The Prisma sedan was based on the Lancia Delta hatchback that appeared on the market in 1980. The Delta won the prestigious Car of the Year award in Europe and was pretty successful. The Prisma was launched in 1982. In those days, notchback sedans were getting popular again, Volkswagen had the Jetta next to the Golf and Opel produced a sedan version of their popular Corsa. The Lancia Prisma became a hit in the corporate market. Loads of them appeared on the road as company cars for young executives and account managers.

But, being Lancias, they were prone to rust and many of them simply vanished. This one here is a survivor, the owner is asking EUR 3.000 for it. And guess what? It just might be worth it.