Lombardi made small Fiats bigger

Lombardi made small Fiats bigger
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Look again, this is basically a Fiat 850. This four-door version was created by coachbuilder Francis Lombardi. It is for sale in Italy.

Fiat has always been so good at building small cars because they managed to make more than one model. Other manufacturers would have one small car and then a bigger one, and a bigger one.

But Fiat knew the meaning of diversification. So in the 1950’s, they came with the Fiat 600 first, then the 500 that was even smaller, and in 1964 there was another of those small, rear-engined cars, the 850.

This car was a bit bigger then the 600, a bit faster, a bit more luxurious and of course a bit more expensive. It was also successful, with 2,2 million units produced until 1971.

Of course, like the 600 and 500, the 850 had only two doors. But in those days Italy still had some creative coachbuilders that could fix this problem. Coachbuilder Francis Lombardi set to create a four-door version of the Fiat 850.

He had done the same job with the Fiat 600 already and later he would make a four-door version of the 850’s successor, the Fiat 127.

The Fiat 850 Lucciola, as it was called, became relatively popular and some of them have survived.

This is one of them. It’s a very basic version, apart from the two extra doors it does not seem to have any extra’s out of the ordinary.

It was built in 1965 and it does need some attention. It is for sale in Palermo, Italy, and you can come and pick it up for a mere EUR 3,000.