Look at this Ferrari: it’s not the real thing

Look at this Ferrari: it’s not the real thing
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Is this a great looking Ferrari California Spider or isn’t it?
Well, that is exactly the question. Or rather, it is not a question, because the seller is perfectly transparent about it. What we see here is a wonderful replica of a Ferrari 250 LWB California Spider.

Now don’t think that it is some cheap and flimsy glass-fibre kit car, because that is not what this is. No, we are dealing here with a carefully crafted replica of the original.

The car is built on the chassis of a Ferrari 250 GTE and it has an original Ferrari 250 engine too.

The bodywork was created by Chris Lawrence, he is quite a legend where it comes to recreations of old Ferrari’s.


Foto’s DuPontRegistry.com

Lawrence, who passed away in 2006, has built dozens of classic Ferrari bodies during the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Word has it that he built a series of 9 remakes of the Ferrari 250 GTO, and he also built several 250 SWB Berlinetta’s and a few of these California Spiders.

Easier to drive

So it’s not the real thing. But it looks just as nice as a 10 million dollar original.
That is exactly the purpose of these ‘recreations’ or ‘remakes’ as they are often called.

They are built for people who can’t spare 20 million for the real thing.
Or they are built for people who do have the money for a real California Spider, but who want a spare one, that is a bit easier to drive.

Because that is the good thing about a replica of a classic car: you can make changes to it, without being worried that you’re violating the car’s value.

So very often, these copies are equipped with better suspension then the original, more powerful engines, modernised brakes or better seats.

In many cases, the replicas are faster than the original.


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Another good thing about a replica is that you can drive it without being worried about damaging it.

That is why one owner of an original Ferrari 250 GTO ordered a copy of it, so he can use that for training purposes.

Basically, it is not very different from the fake Sunflower-painting by Van Gogh that you have hanging in your bedroom.

It’s a lot cheaper than the original, but you can still enjoy the beauty of it.

Oh, and what is the value of this remake? Original ones go for serious money, like this red one that sold for almost 8 million dollar last autumn. This replica is being offered on DuPont Registry, the price is revealed on request.