Mainly Ford in the Bob Empson collection

Mainly Ford in the Bob Empson collection
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In the town of Elsworth, near Cambridge in the United Kingdom, there is a local garage that has become a local institution. Empson’s Garage has been a family business since 1919 and is now run by Bob Empson.

Over the years, he has collected a few dozen classic cars.

The fun is that many of those cars he bought from his customers and were bought new at his own garage. So the history of those cars is very special, having been maintained by the same garage for an entire lifetime.

This also means that the Empson’s collection has been a kind of museum of local memories for the people of Elsworth. 

According to auction house Anglia Car Auctions, Bob Empson wants to get rid of his collection of classic cars as he planning to retire. So a collection of 25 of his classic cars is to be sold in an auction on January 27.

Some of the cars are in excellent condition, but a lot of them are in need of restoration. The oldest car in the collection is a Sunbeam Talbot 90 from 1954, there’s two of those. 

The youngest is a 1984 Ford Sierra L.

Most cars in the collection are Fords, the best looking one is a 1961 Ford Consul Classic 315, that looks immaculate. Many of the other cars look to be fairly complete but need restoration.