Make your bid now on this collection of British classics

Make your bid now on this collection of British classics
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Not all collector cars are actually cars. Here’s a collection of pedal cars that is being sold online right now. No less than 85 pedal cars, in pristine condition, were collected by Mr David Waddow of Chiverton, UK.

It all happened because Mr Waddow has a garage and he was restoring Jaguar E-types. So when he saw an E-type pedal car on a classic car show one day, he simply had to have it. One thing led to another and he ended up with 85 pedal cars, all in immaculate condition. Now he is done enjoying them and they are being sold in an online auction by auctioneers Humbert & Ellis of Towcester, UK.

Fourties and fifties
Each pedal car is well described and comes with a handful of photographs. They all represent automobiles from the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s, although there are some older models. How about, for instance, a pedal car looking like a De Dion Bouton of the late 19th century? It was built by Tri-Ang in the 1960s and is now estimated to fetch a little under a thousand pounds.

Of course, there are quite a few E-types and other Jaguars, but there is for instance also a charming little MG TD-lookalike. A beautiful Bentley 4.5 litres pedal car with lots of little details on it is priced at GBP 5.500 to 6.500. And last but not least the evergreen of pedal cars, the Austin J40, is also there an immaculate tomato red example.

Petrol engine
Not all of these toy cars are actually pedal-driven. The Watsonian XK SS Jaguar has a single-cylinder petrol engine by BSA. The body is made of fibreglass, and the detailing is astonishing, with working lights, wipers and radio. This little car is estimated at GBP 5.500 to 6.500. The same estimate goes for an Ettore Bugatti Type 35 ‘Baby’ Cheers from the 1980s, that is equipped with an electric 13HP engine and metal bodywork. Top of the bill is a Harrods limited edition E-Type Jaguar child’s car that was number 17 in a limited series of only 20. This little car has a Honda petrol engine to propel it. It is expected to fetch between GBP 7.500 and 9.500.