This Mercedes 190 SL is driving uphill…

This Mercedes 190 SL is driving uphill…
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This 1958 Mercedes 190 SL roadster was on sale at RL Neo Classics Auction in Hong Kong as part of the Movie Car Tribute Auction on November 12, 2016. It is a Hong Kong registered car and it’s righthand drive, as it has been imported from the United Kingdom some years ago. The car is looking smart in its white paint job and red leather upholstery. But why is it looking like it is constantly driving uphill?

For some reason, the front of the car is much too high. Check out the picture of the blue car. That is how the stance of a 190 SL should be. The white Hong Kong car is much too high at the front.

Now how can that be? Did someone forget to put the engine back in after restoration? 

No, the engine is there.

Then there must be something wrong with the front suspension. Maybe the mechanic ordered coil springs for a 300 SL instead of a 190 SL? That might be it, because the sixcylinder engine is, of course, heavier than the 120 HP fourcylinder.

The odd thing is that the auction house has not asked the owner to fix this problem, as it is clearly a technical issue. This SL has been sold, but unfortunately, we don’t know how much it fetched. The auction house did put an estimate on it of 1.150.000 to 1.300.000 HK dollars, that is around 147,085 to 166,270 US dollar. Let’s hope that whoever bought it, still had some money left to buy new coil springs.

Fotos: RL Neo Classics Auction