Sweet, cuddly and adorable: Mini 850 Deluxe

Sweet, cuddly and adorable: Mini 850 Deluxe
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You don’t see that many Mini’s from the early ‘70’s. Especially not these 850’s. This one is in the Netherlands.

With the success of BMW’s bulky remake, one would almost forget that the original Mini is still being loved by collectors and fans.

They should all come to the Netherlands this weekend, because this sweet Mini 850 Deluxe is being auctioned there on Saturday, March 23.


Unfortunately, we don’t have much info to go on, but the few pictures tell a nice tale.

This Mini looks as if it has been restored to original specifications.

The dark-green colour and white roof look just right and the original chrome (or stainless steel?) hubcaps make it look adorable.


Foto’s BCA Netherlands

The car is from 1972 and has original Dutch registration plates. It was registered new on May 17, 1972, and since then it has had only four owners.

In those days, the Mini-range consisted of the 850, the 1000, the Clubman and Clubman 1275 GT, the Clubman Estate and Mini Van.


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The 850 was the basic Mini with the smallest engine, the engine that it was introduced with in 1959. Most people would pay a bit more for the Mini 1000 and that explains why you don’t see many LHD Mini 850’s around.

That makes this little one all the more desirable. It’s on auction in the annual Classic Car Auction at BCA Netherlands.