No more MoT in UK for cars over 40 years old

No more MoT in UK for cars over 40 years old
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As of May 2018, most classic cars in the United Kingdom that are 40 years and older do not have to prove their road-worthiness anymore through an annual MOT-test. This was revealed by the Department for Transport, according to a publication of Classic & Sports Car.

So far, the exemption was for cars from 1960 and older.

The new regulation now provides a rolling scale of all cars of 40 years old. So in May 2018, the exemption goes for all cars from 1978 and older.

The DfT makes one exception: the exemption is for original classic cars only. If a car has been substantially changed, it will still be subject to the annual MoT.




The reason for this new ruling is, according to the Department for Transport, the fact that there are fewer MoT failure rates and less fatal collisions that involve cars of 40 years and older.

The new ruling would affect around 293,000 vehicles who would be exempted from MoT, in addition to the 197,000 cars that were already exempted because they are older than 1960.


One Response to No more MoT in UK for cars over 40 years old

  • My classic car wil be 40 years old in July 2018 according to the vin number but the car was registered some nine months later. How will I be able to prove the car is mot and tax exempt?