Not just anybody’s little Austin

Not just anybody’s little Austin
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Strange things can happen to cars that are for sale. Take this little 1959 Austin A35, for instance. It looks wonderful, looks as if it has been fully restored. That should be worth some money. 

Yes, some money indeed. But the owner, who is in Germany, asks EUR 22,500 for it.


You see, this is not just any little old Austin, it’s Phil Collins’ little old Austin.

Phil who? Phil Collins, you know, the frontman of Genesis. Apparently somewhere in the history of this little car, he owned it.

Unfortunately, the seller doesn’t give any detailed information about it, so we don’t know if Phil drove this car back in the day when he wasn’t rich and famous yet, or if he had it when he was rich and famous and kept it as a collector’s item.

But some research on the internet does give us a clue. Because this car has been on offer before. In 2010 it was offered on eBay. Back then, it was also described as being the ex-Phil Collins car.

According to the ad on eBay, Phil Collins’ name still appeared on some of the registration documents of the car. Of course, there must be hundreds of guys going by the name Phil Collins and we haven’t figured out how the documents of this car can be traced to the right Phill Collins. But let’s assume that it is indeed the right guy. 

Also, the ad on eBay in 2010 mentioned that the car started fine, but that the engine needed some tweaking. On the bright side: the car had run just 25,000 miles.

And Quentin Wilson, whom we still remember as the know-it-all-guy on BBC’s Top Gear about ten years ago, scribbled a few lines about this car in the Mirror. He made an estimate of what the car would be worth. The highest offer on eBay at that time was just GBP 1,000, but Wilson estimated that in the Goodwood-auction it should be able to fetch GBP 5,000.

Double the mileage

So now the car is for sale in Germany, in Bad Bentheim to be precise. It looks to be in good shape, and let’s assume that whoever bought the car in 2010 had the engine tweaked. Or maybe he or she even did a complete overhaul of the engine. 

A funny thing is that the car now has 85,000 kilometers on the odometer. Of course, in Germany they count kilometers, not miles, but still, the car has doubled its mileage in the past seven years. Has someone been using it to drive to work every day? On the Autobahn maybe??



Anyway, the price has gone up from an estimated GBP 5,000 in 2010 to EUR 22,500 (GBP 20,000) now.
Is that reasonable?

That depends on how much you like Phil Collins. But an Austin A35 similar to this car is being offered in the UK right now for GBP 8,995.

Another similar car is on eBay now, the bidding is at GBP 4,250.

Other A35’s we find are offered for lower prices, depending on their condition. If we look for A35’s that are offered for around GBP 15,000 to 20,000, we end up with fully equipped race- or rally cars. And even the highly popular Austin A35 vans are being offered at prices which are around half the price of this mouse grey Austin.

So all in all, it looks like the Phil Collins-connection has doubled the asking price of this car.
If you are not a Phil Collins-fan, you might want to consider to buy another Austin A35 than this one. The money that you save, you can invest in a proper carstereo. Or tickets for the next Phil Collins concert.



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