Now here’s a rare limousine

Now here’s a rare limousine
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Unfortunately we could not translate the website, as it is written in Ukraïnian. But this car is pretty interesting. It’s a Russian Chaika, a limousine that was built for government officials in the former Soviet Union. It was manufactured by Gorkowski Awtomobilny Sawod, hence the brandname GAZ. That factory also produced the Wolga salooncars from the 1950’s to the 1980’s. This Chaika is officially named GAZ-13. It was designed with the American Packard Patrician 1955 in mind, no doubt, and was powered by a 5.5 litre V8.



The Chaika first appeared on Soviet-roads in 1959. In 1977 the modernised GAZ-14 was introduced but the old Chaika was produced alongside the new model until 1981. Around 3.000 Chaikas were ever made and many of them are still around. In January 2014 a similar car was on auction in the Dutch city of Maastricht during the Interclassics Maastricht, it fetched EUR 50.000.
This 1971 Chaika here is on sale in Ukraïne, the asking price is USD 56.000.