One owner, low mileage

One owner, low mileage
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They still exist, cars that were bought new a long time ago and then kept by the same owner for decades. This Opel Commodore was bought brand new in 1968 by a German dentist. He took really good care of it. In all those years, he drove only 114,000 kilometers with the car, it is very likely that he spent the remaining time caressing and polishing it. How else can you explain the immaculate look of this car?

The Opel Rekord A was in 1963 the first Opel apart from the Admiral/Kapitän series that was available with a six cylinder engine, in addition, the regular 1.5 and 1.7 liter four cylinders. The Rekord B and Rekord C could also be ordered with a six cylinder. This top-of-the-line version of the Rekord C was replaced by the Commodore in 1967.

The Opel Commodore filled the gap between the middle-class Rekord and the big Admiral/Kapitän. Basically, the Commodore was, of course, a Rekord, but it was equipped with all the goodies of those days: a vinyl roof, lots of chrome, hubcaps from the Admiral, fabric upholstery and (fake) wood grain in the interior.

The 2,5-liter six-in-line engine delivered 115 hp, the faster Commodore GS had a 2,8 engine and two carburetors, delivering 135 hp.

Apart from the right front wing that has once been resprayed, this Commodore is still in its original paint. It comes with a full maintenance history and an extra set of tires on original Opel sports rims. It is for sale at a dealer in Freiburg, Germany.