Original Belgian policecar for sale

Original Belgian policecar for sale
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If you want a classic car with something extra, here’s your chance. This Porsche 911 is an original Belgian police car. It belonged

Foto: Oldtimerweb.be

to the Rijkswacht, which was also called Gendarmerie, because in Belgium they always have to say things in Dutch and in French. This car was on


duty from July 1973 until 1976. There were only 20 of them in Belgium, this car was in the second batch of 10 cars that was delivered. Later there were more 911’s in use with Belgian police, but they were Targa’s.  


The car is being offered with original Rijkswacht uniforms. If you like to show off or to scare the hell out of other drivers on the road, then get this Porsche, switch on the siren and blue light and have the time of your life. That is until the real police stop you of course.
This rare Porsche is on offer for EUR 291,124.