Rare conversion: Ford Lotus stationwagon

Rare conversion: Ford Lotus stationwagon
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In the 1960’s, stationwagons were big, bulky things, often looking pretty boring. One of the exceptions was the Mk I Ford Cortina Estate. This one looks even better, and so it should, because it has been converted into the only MkI Ford Cortina Lotus Estate in the world.

When this car was built, in 1966, estate cars or stationwagons were pretty boring automobiles. Their main task was to be functional. They were used often by shopkeepers, who would carry their goods in them during the week, and the family in the weekend. There was hardly any luxury on board and if you came asking for a fast or a sporty stationwagon, the car dealer would laugh in your face.

But in the 1970s someone must have had the desire for a fast stationwagon because that is when this one here was converted. The story is quite simple really. In the 1970s, a Ford Cortina Lotus Mk I was crashed. And somebody else had a boring old Ford Cortina Estate and didn’t know what to do with it. Mind you, they weren’t amateurs, the seller assures us that this car was converted by a specialist. It has all the Lotus goodies on board, the engine is the 1600 cc Twin Cam with 130 hp. There is no rust on the car and it has had its technical inspection this year, with zero faults.

Fair price
The price of this remarkable car is EUR 35.000. If you consider it to be a modified Ford Cortina Estate, that is quite a lot of money. But if you compare it to original Ford Lotus Cortina’s, it is a fair price. Especially if you compare it to this one here, or this one, or this.

Of course, this car is not original, but it looks great and it has all the original parts. And you have to consider that when this car was converted in the 1970s, we still had many years to wait for fast stationwagons like the Volvo 850 T-5R, the Audi RS4 Avant or the BMW M5 Estate. Now, why didn’t Ford and Lotus think of this themselves?