Rare species, this leightweight Ferrari 275 GTB

Rare species, this leightweight Ferrari 275 GTB
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This Ferrari 275 GTB is a rare one. It is equipped with the single camshaft twelvecilinder engine , but it also has the lightweight body, built by Carrozzeria Scaglietti in Modena. The car was assumably one of two testcars for Ferrari, when they were preparing for the Monte Carlo Rally of 1966. In the end this car was not the one that became the race car, but its engine was transplanted to the actual Monte Carlo-car. Then after the rally, it is believed to have been fitted back into this blue metallic 275 GTB and the car was sold new to Ferrari-dealer Romeo Pedina of Perugia, Italy.

Foto: Bonhams

From then on, the car seems to travel around the world. In 1970 it went to the USA but in 1992 it went to Switzerland. From there it was shipped to Modena, Italy, where the engine was overhauled and the coachwork was redone. Again later it was shipped back to the USA. Over the years it has been refurbished several times, during which time it had several colors. In 2014 it had its original light blue metallic color back and by that time the engine was overhauled by Ferrari Classiche. Now the car is in its original 1966 colorscheme and it has been established that the engine is indeed the original one from 1965.
Yesterday it was on auction at Bonhams Quail Lodge sale and it fetched USD 3,080,000 or EUR 2,623,509, including premium.