Rare streamlined MG on sale in Monaco

Rare streamlined MG on sale in Monaco
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Go on, google it. You won’t find many of these 1935 MG PB Airline Coupes. This very rare example is part of Coys’ Monaco sale on May 11.

In the 1930’s the auto-industry discovered that streamlined cars could also be very beautiful.

So in America, Chrysler built their Airflow and in France Figoni & Falaschi built the Talbot Lago T23 Teardrop.

In Germany, Mercedes-Benz built the 504K Stromlinienwagen and Ferdinand Porsche, on request by Adolf Hitler, designed the Volkswagen.

H.W. Allingham

And the British? They had guys like H. W. Allingham.

This designer had worked for coachbuilders like Chalmer & Hoyer. Later, he started his own firm, designing cars that would be built by several different coachbuilders.


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In the early 1930’s, Allingham designed the Airline-body, to be used mainly on MG N- en P-models.

These bodies were built by Carbodies, some were produced by Whittingham & Mitchel. It is believed that 51 MG’s with this Airline body were built, but there were also Vauxhalls equipped wit hit.

Estimated is that only 7 of these MG’s have survived.


Foto’s Coys

This particular has been restored between 2006 and 2009 by MG-specialist David Cooksey. Since the restoration was completed, it has run a mere 600 kilometres. It has a German registration.

Auctioneer Coys estimates the value between EUR 90,000 and 110,000.