Renault’s hot hatch of the nineties

Renault’s hot hatch of the nineties
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The 1990’s were the heyday of hot hatchbacks. After the Volkswagen Golf GTI had created the market, other brands stepped in quickly. One of those brands was Renault.

Of course, Renault had a tradition of creating fast and sporty versions of their bread-and-butter cars. Around 1960 you could buy a Renault Ondine as a faster version of the Dauphine, and even a Dauphine Gordini was available. That name Gordini was often used, also for the Renault 8 and in the 1970’s there was a fast Renault 12 Gordini.

But in 1990 Renault chose another name to work with: Williams. This had, of course, everything to do with the cooperation of the French automaker with the Williams Formula 1-team.

So in 1990, the Renault Clio Williams was launched. The small hatchback got a 2,0 liter four cylinder, sixteen valve engine that produced almost 150 hp. That gave the car a 0-100 km/h acceleration of 7,2 seconds and a top speed of 215 km/h.

For those days and for a small car like that, these were staggering numbers.

Originally Renault had planned to produce only 3,800 copies of the Clio Williams, but the car got so popular that they built 12,000 of them. Each of them was in the same color combination of metallic blue (Blue Sport 449) and gold-painted alloy wheels.

One of those 12,000 is now being auctioned in Belgium. This car is from 1994 and has run only 113,000 kilometers.

The engine has been overhauled 7 years and 4,000 kilometers ago and according to the seller, it still delivers 147 hp.

The body has also been restored and the car appears to be in pristine condition. Even the parcel shelf is in original condition, without holes for speakers in them.

Since most Clio Williams’s have been used for driving like a maniac, not many of them have survived.

That makes this example a pretty rare one. It is part of the online auction by Vavato in Belgium at the moment.

The auction ends on January 10, 2018. Already there have been 10 bidders, bidding started at EUR 3,000 but already it is now on EUR 9,500.