Single owner Big Benz is a bargain

Single owner Big Benz is a bargain
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From the moment it was bought new in 1982, this Mercedes-Benz has had just one owner. Just 1! Now, the car is for sale.

For 36 years, the Spanish owner has never been bored by his Big Benz. Of course, this person was right, because the Mercedes S-class of the 1980’s, the W126, was known as the best car in the world.

And this coupé was the better-looking variant of it.

It was just a big and bulky as the W126 saloon car, but the designers in Stuttgart still managed to give the car a bit more elegant looks.
The SEC was in production from 1981 to 1991, almost 75,000 were built.

The owner of this car has clearly taken good care of it.

It looks pristine and after 235,000 kilometers even the leather upholstery looks like brand new.
There are more of these 5,0 liter V8 SEC’s for sale in Europe, but this one seems to be one of the better ones.