Tatty looking Isabella might not be so bad

Tatty looking Isabella might not be so bad
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Ok, so this Borgward Isabella Deluxe has seen better days. But apart from the worn paintjob, rusty bumpers and lack of hubcaps it looks fairly healthy.

This car is currently on offer in the town of Sprang-Capelle, in the southern Netherlands. The ad is brief, just some pictures and a phone number, the seller doesn’t want any hassle on the phone, so just call him to make an appointment and go see the car. It could be worthwhile, the car looks a bit tatty, but in general pretty healthy. Carl Borgward built this car in his factory in Bremen, Germany, between 1954 and the bankruptcy of the firm in 1961. In total 202,862 Isabella’s were built, among them the Isabella Combi stationwagon and the highly fashionable Isabella Coupé. By the look of the rear lights, this model is not older than 1958.

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