The color of Bordeaux wine

The color of Bordeaux wine
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The Renault 16 was sensational in 1965. And actually, it still is today.

What is it what makes this car so very French? Is it the color of lovely red wine? Is it the luxury of the interior? Or is it the practicality of it, that does not submit to conservative ideas about how a car should look? Probably it is all three.

The Renault 16 was a sensational car when it first appeared in 1965. So far, motorcars were designed to transport people and a bit of luggage. This car introduced the hatchback, the rear seat could be removed and that way it got a large luggage space.

Imagine how puzzled consumers were in 1965. They were used to normal sedan models, and Renault presented this car with it’s odd shaped rear end. And apart from practical, it was also comfortable, with it’s large soft seats and soft suspension.

No wonder the Renault 16 became a hit.

Production of the car went on until 1980, there were several luxurious versions of the car, offering leather upholstery, power steering and of course a sunroof.

This Renault 16 is a TS-version from 1968, the luxury version at that time.

It is mechanically sound and has no rust, the private seller also has some spare parts to go with it.

It is for sale in the French city of Lille, near Belgium. Seller wants to be sure that you’re serious before talking about the price.

He must love this car very much.