The crisp, classy lines of the Peugeot 304

The crisp, classy lines of the Peugeot 304
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This midsized front wheel drive saloon has the mechanics of the Peugeot 204, but the looks of the larger 504. A great combination.

It was in the 1960’s that Peugeot sensed a need for a more upmarket car, a car that would do well on the new Autoroutes in France, travelling at high speed and in great comfort.

In 1965, Peugeot had introduced the front wheel driven 204, a small family saloon.
This car would form the basis of the 304.

The midsection of the 204 was used, a larger engine added and Pininfarina designed the crisp lines of the 304.

Remarkably, it was Pininfarina who had also designed the 204. But the 204 had rounded shapes and soft edges, while the shape of the 304 stood out because of the sharp lines and corners that made it look much more expensive.

The 304 was only slightly larger than the 204, it was just as wide but 15 centimetres longer.

Instead of the 1.100 cc engine of the 204, the 304 had a 1.300 cc four-cylinder petrol engine.

Like the 204, the 304 was also available with a diesel engine, and there were also a station wagon, a van, a coupé and a convertible available.

Classic car status

Peugeot’s hunch proved to be right. The 304 became a successful addition to the 204-line. Production of the 304 stopped in 1980, almost 1.2 million of them were produced.

So it is not amazing that there are still a few left, although not as many as you’d think. Because the small front wheel drive sedans of Peugeot never achieved a classic car status like the larger 404 and 504.



But here is one from Portugal. It is a 1976 304, probably a GL version, with the column shifter.

The owner of the cars says he is busy with another project, so the Peugeot needs to go. The engine has been completely overhauled and the car is in fine condition.

All in all the car looks pretty, the price is EUR 4,499